Dual boot mac os on windows 8

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I just got an Aus JY and looking at installing dual boot for Ubuntu It seems UEFI is not setup at factory. Is that correct? This was very useful, thank you! It did after I reverted the effects of the sed command on the configure file i. I am also using a cheap Acer. Thank you Pietro, for leaving a nice feedback and some additional tips that might help others! Hi, I have dell laptop which cam with ubuntu First Boot option is Harddrive. I have never ran into this problem, but I did find this guide on how to rescue a non booting Grub. Hope this helps and glad to hear that other guide helped you on your way.

Dual-Boot macOS on a drive with Windows 10 already installed (Shared Drive)

Thanks for leaving a positive feedback! But at time of installing, I tried to install boot-repair in ubuntu but it gave me some error. Logged on in ubuntu and it was working fine. So, I would like to know, what the boot-repair was supposed to do? And why it was giving me that error? I know in my setup it made the difference between booting and not booting Ubuntu. That matters. I want to install ubuntu alongside already installed windows 8. I have already prepared separate partition for it.

My main concern is still the booting part. Will it work? Are you sure your computer has an older BIOS? You could of course also consider WUBI , where Ubuntu is installed from within Windows, without the need to repartition etc. It uses the Windows Bootloader to select the boot OS. However, it does not appear to support hybernation.

Thank you for your awesome tutorial!

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Thanks Beemo for the positive feedback! The method described only focusses on using UEFI … since Windos 8 and newer typically are installed that way. As you have noticed, switching to Legacy Mode screws up your Windows, and switching back ruins your Linux Bootloader. What you could try: try to install Freya for those of us, including myself, not familiar with this OS see Elementary OS , it appears a distro based on Ubuntu as described above. So in UEFI mode. Sometimes you need to enter the admin password to get to that option. I did see a post at SuperUser.

In essence you disable FastBoot, and optionally enable the boot menu my laptop uses F12 for that if I recall correctly.

Before we begin …

If you find out how that worked on your computer, could you post brand and model and the steps you took? Hans, thanks for the answer i will try what you just suggest at night.

If i manage to set win8 and elementary to boot on uefi y will post it with all the steps y follow. Wish me luck! Again: keeping my fingers crossed! Please consider donating in the future if you decide to keep using it ….

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Well hans, i did step by step what you said and the two systems are working just fine on uefi mode. I really apriciate your help! I am with a lot of things and i dont have the time to do a proper guide on how i manage to solve all my problems. Apart of this the pc i was working on, was my girlfrind pc and she need it a soon as possible. So i am just posting to say thanks for your help and when i have time y will post a proper guide with screenshots and all the steps.

Pd: if some one need any helps just ask i will try to help. I have elementary os on my computer for 2 years now and is fantastic. It a really simple nice os.

Multiple Operating Systems

Thanks for the tip! I am only able to boot from CSM — legacy mode and get Ubuntu options. Have no idea how to proceed. I see the windows partition is till there. Hi, I have ubuntu I want to repair windows 8. Can anybody let me known how can I do that without loosing my data and affecting ubuntu? Your Windows will not work in case you switched to Legacy.

How to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp | PCWorld

I deleted Ubuntu It worked well til I screwed something up in installing backtrack. So it pissed me off so I went and followed a tut on how to delete it. I went and deleted the partition, followed all those steps, have only a usb with my Windows 8. Since then. I am stuck and no matter what I do, any command, etc will not work. I boot it up, holding F12 and even just rebooting without pressing anything, and I get.

Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions. I researched and tried many different things people suggest and nothing works. Like I said I have windows on my usb the way they told me to create the recovery and I have no clue what to do to access the usb to redo my computer… Is there a simple code to type into grub?

I can not for the life of me get past this damn screen lol. Please help!

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  8. I have not run into this issue and I do not have an Asus laptop either, so I did some searching, in the hopes that they are helpful to you. Next thing you could try is to do a regular factory restore so the boot manager gets wiped, and after that restore your Windows from USB — this might be your best option. Hopefully this is the case for yours as well, and you might be able to boot from USB. Here you can also find some other methods. I got lucky..

    Found out that Ubuntu made its way to be the first thing on the Boot list.

    But I got lucky, changed the boot sequence and deleted the Ubuntu options. I see why nothing worked now.

    How to Dualboot Windows 8 and Yosemite

    Everything is good now and computer is back to normal, and I re-partitioned my HD so all is good. Except for my Nvidia Geforce graphics card. I love that card. But thank you for your help! Take care!

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