Hack airplay mirroring older mac

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How To AirPlay Mirror Your iOS 11 iPhone Or iPad To Samsung Smart TV Without Apple TV

Or since you mentioned Chromecast, whatever other box that has apps particularly VNC would work. Video refresh will suck compared to AirPlay and you get no sound if that matters.

Other screen sharing apps with their own server can do their own thing though. Afraid there really isn't. If the range is too great for BT, have you looked at RF keyboards?


Airplay mirroring on Macbook Pros : osx

If you really want to do it, it would be much easier to use an iPad mirrored to the AppleTV. That's exactly what screen sharing does between two mac's, sends the display one way and the keyboard and mouse clicks the other way. Works just fine on my existing network over wifi using Maybe the AppleTV doesn't have enough power to do this, but a cheap older mac mini could certainly do what I want. I'm just trying to see if there is any other cheaper alternatives than grabbing an old mac mini.

Why Won’t AirPlay Work On My Macbook?

That's the point I still think a used iPad or an iPhone would be a cheaper alternative than mirroring your Mac. Yeah, ultimately if you can "check emails and read news" with whatever apps of your choice on iOS it'd be a better experience than screen sharing a remote Mac and you can still do the latter on iOS. While direct touch doesn't lend itself well to TV usage, it's fine for scrolling, and the generally larger font display sizes work better for legibility on TV, it particularly helps to compensate for the image compression making fonts look kinda crappy. Not to mention the whole "trying to read while head is bobbing around for exercise" bit.

It's a Recumbent exercise bike, head doesn't move at all even when pedalling hard. I have no problem reading the screen. I'm usually on my road bike, on a Kurt Kinectic "Rock and Roll" trainer Apple TV or? Last edited by artaxerxes on Mon Jul 27, am.

How To Stream AVI movies to your Apple TV Mac

Moderator et Subscriptor. Right, but that's the issue, there's no apps on Apple TV hopefully rectified at some point.

The Ideal Option: Sidecar on macOS Catalina

Posted: Sun Jul 26, pm. Registered: Dec 28, Posts: Another option would be to pursue Laird in a court of law to get him to withdraw his app from circulation, but by this point the source code to ShairPort has likely been extensively downloaded and copied. Doing so could greatly increase the popularity of AirPlay by fostering a vibrant ecosystem and result in greater market penetration and revenues for the company in the long run. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

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hack airplay mirroring older mac Hack airplay mirroring older mac
hack airplay mirroring older mac Hack airplay mirroring older mac
hack airplay mirroring older mac Hack airplay mirroring older mac
hack airplay mirroring older mac Hack airplay mirroring older mac
hack airplay mirroring older mac Hack airplay mirroring older mac

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