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The cult action puzzle game returns

This first-person puzzle-platform video game is developed and also published by Valve Corporation. If you choose the single-player campaign, you take control of Chell who is navigating the dilapidated Aperture Science Enrichment Center. This was until the artificial intelligence GLaDOS who was governing the laboratory managed to kill its employees.

But the situation changes fast because Chell is being dragged back inside by an unknown figure. As we said, in the single-player campaign you take the role of Chell. On the other hand, in the cooperative campaign, you assume the role of one robots between Atlas and P-Body.

Portal 2 to be cross-platform, PS3, PC and Mac

In case your character falls onto a solid surface, there is no penalty. But in case he falls into bottompless pits or toxic pools, your character is killed. Your goal in both campaigns is to explore the Aperture Science Laboratory. Soon, she acquires a new PDA with the ability to record and playback a series of actions as a means of solving test chambers.

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After the tutorial level, the player comes across an unsolvable test chamber. Interacting with a switch results in a gramophone falling out of a Vital Apparatus Vent , followed by the Borealis crashing through a wall.

The player is then challenged to complete nine test chambers that utilize the mechanics of recording and playing back a copy of Chell to repeat actions and complex sequences. Test chambers in Thinking with Time Machine are kept in a futuristic, Tron -like style.

The modification features new animations of dispensing various cubes, and an anti-gravity system, which is used occasionally during the puzzle sequences. Crossover : When Gordon Met Chell.

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